Just when you thought it was safe to go out for some down home Memphis BBQ Tofu Nachos

On February 23, 2008 Colorado-based Focus on the Family and Florida-based Exodus International will set up shop with their Love Won Out (LWO) conference in Memphis, TN. (well near Memphis; they prefer the suburbs)

Concerned folks in the Mid-South do not want the misguided and inaccurate lectures LWO speakers will present to parents and queer youth be the only messages heard that weekend.

Local Memphis community groups, churches, and individuals have partnered with Beyond Ex-Gay to organize a series of events under the heading Deconstructing the Ex-Gay Myth-A Weekend of Action and Art held in Memphis, TN February 22-24, 2008You see we can make a point and good art  at the same time.

Scheduled events include the Ex-Gay Survivor Art Show, a screening of Morgan Fox’s documentary film–This is What Love in Action Looks Like (which recounts the 2005 protests outside of Love in Action after a 16 year old boy was forced to attend LIA’s Refuge program), a comedy about an ex-gay program, a play about transgender Bible characters, a party and the Beyond Ex-Gay Mid-South Regional Gathering.

All events are FREE & Open to the public.

Now for years Focus on the Family issued invitations to the LGBT community to attend their LWO events. Some of us have, and at LWO heard lots of misinformation and saw lots of confused hurting people desperate for answers. (Check out the articles and videos by Jim Burroway, who will also be in Memphis for the weekend.)

Beyond Ex-Gay now invites the presenters and participants of Love Won Out to attend some of our events during the weekend of February 22-24. Do a little field research and meet some folks who don’t fit into the typical hopeless ex-gay narratives.

All in all we expect to have a tremendous weekend highlighting the creativity, the health, and the strong community spirit we share.

You can view a full schedule of events, specific times, addresses and other details here.

And check out the video ad Daniel Gonzales did about the weekend.

Oh, and I am totally going order the Memphis BBQ Tofu Nachos.  But then there is Huey’s Veggie Burger and fries, or the spring rolls at Pho Saigon. So much good Memphis food and so little time. Join us and bring a friend!  

peterson toscano

peterson toscano