So many folks email me or ask me in person how PHB gained its readership. There are lots of factors —

* timing: since the launch on July 2004, blogs have grown at an exponential rate;

* blogwhoring or diaries at larger blogs: in the comments at Americablog back in the day, writing diaries at Daily Kos;

* having a “voice” that connects with readers: it’s that unknown “it” factor that can’t be fully explained.

* blogrolls: providing links to great writers with less traffic, and exposing them to a larger audience, and providing reciprocal links.

Today is Blogroll Amnesty Day, and folks are encouraged to link up to some of the lower-traffic, high-quality writing you don’t have in your RSS feeds. At left is a nice chunk of those blogs in a widget I created that you can embed at your pad. You’ll see that they are in good company with well-known, popular blogs.

Take some time to scroll the list and click links you’ve never heard of or surf frequently and get acquainted with great writers..

Many thanks to Skippy and Jon Swift for shepherding this through.


Skippy and Jon Swift are promoting Blog Amnesty day, in order to encourage folks to visit places you might not ordinarily frequent. And Pam Spaulding created this fabulous widget to make it easy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take it for a test drive…

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding