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Gay Republicans size up McCain

Earlier this week I posted about the mind-blowing mop up job the Log Cabin Republicans did on their blog for John McCain after his campaign was busted launching an anti-gay robocall campaign in Florida. I also mentioned that the desperate spin to absolve McCain of responsibility for the calls probably reflected a bit of insecurity:

The defensiveness of the LCR post begs the question — is this all about frustration that they have such slim pickins this cycle? After BushCo turning on the ignition, putting the bus into drive and running over them, backing up and gunning it over them again, the entire 2008 Clown Car slate showed zero progress on LGBT neutrality, let alone advocacy. All the ones with fairly  moderate positions on the issues abandoned LCRs to court the Base.

In a New York Sun piece, “Gay Republicans Flock To McCain on Giuliani Exit,” it’s pretty clear the LCRs have nowhere to go (he certainly can’t be called a true-blue conservative for those purists – even Ann Coulter bailed on him, saying she’d vote for Hillary over him). Read the fawning (and the religious right scrambling to like McCain) after the jump.  

“Now, a lot of people are getting behind McCain, especially with the endorsement and Giuliani going behind McCain as well,” a former president of the New York chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, Scott Musch, said.

…Part of the move toward Mr. McCain can be explained by the distaste in the gay community for the two other top-tier Republican hopefuls, a former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, and a former Arkansas governor, Michael Huckabee.

“Romney isn’t going to get Log Cabin support at all, considering his about-face on most of the things he stood for in the Massachusetts government when he was an ally of ours,” Mr. Musch said. Mr. Romney once said he would be better for gay rights than Senator Kennedy, but in more recent years crusaded against a court ruling that legalized gay marriage in the Bay State. “He’s turned 180 degrees around,” Mr. Musch complained.

Things are so bleak in LCR world that one said the only person who could draw the gay wallet society away from McCain is Mike Bloomberg. Don’t hold your breath, guys, he won’t jump in. The delusions abound.

And they talk about Dems settling for crumbs! At least none of our candidates are actively campaigning on a “family values” platform that doesn’t view LGBTs as having any family values — and therefore deserving of rights — in this country.


What I find amusing now, besides the LCRs scrambling to find someone to support, is the religious right, after torching and drop-kicking McCain when it looked like he had no chance at all, are now beginning the public sucking up because they don’t want to be left on the outside if he gets the nod, even if he’s seen hugging with Arnie (right), and also receiving the endorsement of what they consider another faux Republican, Rudy Giuliani. (NYT):

Tony Perkins, a prominent Christian conservative who has often denounced Mr. McCain, is warming up to him, too.

“I have no residual issue with John McCain,” Mr. Perkins said, adding that the senator needed “to better communicate” his convictions on social issues.

Richard Land, an official of the Southern Baptist Convention and a longtime critic of Mr. McCain, agreed, saying, “He is strongly pro-life.”

“When I hear Rush Limbaugh say that a McCain nomination would destroy the Republican Party,” Dr. Land added, “what I want to say to Rush is, ‘You need to get out of the studio more and talk to real people.’ “

Daddy D, however, is holding fast with his hatred of the Tool:

A spokesman for Dr. Dobson, the influential evangelical Christian founder of Focus on the Family, said Wednesday that he stood by the position he staked out more than a year ago that as a matter of conscience he could never vote for Mr. McCain.

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