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Kentucky governor: I'll veto bill banning DP benefits

Poor Kentucky residents. They managed to vote out first-class homophobe and scandal-ridden Republican Ernie Fletcher last year, replacing him with Democrat Steve Beshear.

(Can I be more lightheaded today? I was half asleep when I put this in the queue last night, thanks, Dan!) Beshear picked up where Fletcher off ; he promises to sign veto, if passed, a bill that would bar state funded agencies or colleges from offering domestic partner benefits. Wingers in the legislature have lost any modicum of common sense; one lawmaker embarrasses himself by forgetting he’s in an elected body, not bible class. (365gay):

The bill passed the state Senate 30 – 5 on Wednesday with five Democrats voting against it. Among them was Sen. Ernesto Scorsone of Lexington, the only openly gay man in the Senate.

“The only thing that drives this measure is a gay-bashing effort,” said Scorsone.

Republican Vernie McGaha who supported the legislation called it a moral issue and pointed to the state constitution which bans same-sex marriage.

I do not recognize domestic partnerships as being a correct thing,” said McGaha. “My Bible teaches against it.”

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