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DNC chief of staff opposed to marriage equality, deposition reveals

Don’t you wonder why the Democratic National Committee didn’t settle the Donald Hitchcock discrimination suit rather than letting the self-immolation via document release continue? The deposition of the DNC’s Leah Daughtry (who also heads up the national convention) reveals more of the tensions one suspects go on inside a party with many different constituencies to support — that’s as charitable as I can be on that count. (Washington Blade):

Leah Daughtry, the Democratic National Committee’s chief of staff, opposes same-sex marriage, according to transcripts of her deposition in the Hitchcock lawsuit.

“I believe, as the church believes, that marriage is intended for one man and one woman,” Daughtry said in transcripts obtained by the Blade this week.

Despite her stance, Daughtry noted in the transcripts that she has not advised Dean to oppose same-sex marriage.

Daughtry is a Pentecostal minister to a small congregation in Washington. She has said that she speaks in tongues and considers the practice “a gift given by God.” According to the transcript, she denied that her religious beliefs impact her work at the DNC.

People know that I am a reverend but it is completely separate from the work at the DNC,” she said.

You don’t say? The transcript obtained by the Blade says that Daughtry in fact opposes establishing mandatory numbers of gay delegates because gays have not “been historically discriminated against at the voting booth.” The whole zero-sum mindset in regards to civil equality is old, tired, and divisive. What a sorry state of affairs. Queerty has more.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding