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Dem debate open thread

I tuned in, but I’m so beat I simply can’t liveblog it. Perhaps I’ll put in a comment or two.

Boy, it’s just started and Wolf Blitzer is so overwrought making a drama of the Hollywood setting, the all-star-crowd, blah, blah, blah.

Obama gives props to John Edwards for his contributions to the campaign issues this cycle, and  made it clear that he will be “friends” with Hillary Clinton at the end of the race.

Hillary starts off noting that who ever ends up being sworn in on January 20, 2009, faces a “stack of problems” to deal with. Boy is that an understatement. Bush has left so much sh*t to clean up that I’ve told Kate that whoever is elected is likely to be a one-termer because the American public will want it turned around overnight.

Ah, I’m getting a cup of English Breakfast tea and kicking back for a while. You all have fun in the comments…


Since the Dems are in California, how about a little video report on The Homosexual Agenda. Fundies are interviewed about the Golden State’s “mandate” to bring the pro-homosexual agenda into the classroom, and a pathetic woman bleating about “guys coming in to use the women’s restroom.” Precious. The report, from Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, is a hoot.

Crazy Pat’s statistics: “Maximum…maximum 2% of our population considers themselves gay or homosexual, and 1% would consider themselves lesbian…that’s it. And yet these people have an extraordinary influence on the media, on arts, on various avenues of communication. And I don’t know what it is about our society that this is the cause celebre that we’ve got to take on…[gays] are essentially trying to recruit more of the straight population to embrace these lifestyles.”

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