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Mark Steyn Needs A Hug

McCain’s win last night made Mark Steyn vewwwy, vewwwy sad.

Tonight was a big win for illegal-immigration amnesty, remorseless socialization of health care, and big-government solutions to global warming.

If McCain wins in November, he’ll be eager to show he can "work" with a Democratic Congress. If Hill wins, she’ll want to make a mark, fast. And, if it’s Barack, ditto with bells on. A bipartisan consensus committed to change you can believe in.

Let me offer you some advice concern trolling, Mark.

If keeping the brown people out, keeping medical care out of the reach of 50 million Americans, and letting the oil companies solve climate change are really that important to you, you probably shouldn’t have spent the past 8 years backing the incompetent lightweight who’s systematically destroyed your party. In short, you chose poorly. Maybe this can be a learning moment for you.


Blue Texan


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Blue Texan

Blue Texan