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McCain Reveals What He Really Thinks of Lieberman

Last night after the State of the Union address, John McCain revealed what he really thinks of Joe Lieberman — either that or it was a horribly timed moment of acid reflux (YouTube).

Maybe that’s why Lieberman is begging off:

Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent who nearly won the vice presidency as a Democrat in 2000, says there’s no way he’ll be Republican Sen. John McCain’s running mate should McCain become the party’s presidential nominee.

”No, I’d tell him, ‘Thanks, John, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. You can find much better,”’ Lieberman told The Associated Press during an interview Tuesday in his Senate office. ”I’m not seeking anything else.”

The Connecticut senator said he was unequivocally ruling out sharing the GOP ticket with McCain.

I know Florida’s in the bag and all, but watch your step John. Reach across the aisle and ask your Democratic friends — Holy Joe can be a real vindictive prick.

Update:  NBC is reporting that Rudy will drop out tomorrow and endorse McCain. 

(thanks to scarce for the video)

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