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Gender Questions brought to HRC

TACT (Transgender Adovocates of Central Texas) presented HRC Austin Black Tie attendees an opportunity to learn about and discuss gender expression issues

The Theme “Gender ExpressionMatters”, was highlighted by the presence of small round stickers being offered and applied to tuxedo lapels and velvet gowns of HRC members who stopped.

Members of TACT askedthe question  whether HRC members felt as if transgender people are a component of the LGBT community.

All TACT participants felt welcomed by the party goers and were encouraged by the overwhelming support offered my almost all of the attendees.  That support was shown, often times in the form of hugs and long hand shakes. Many HRC members related personal interest in the passage of an ENDA that was fully inclusive of all the community.  Many related stories of personal discrimination based on gender expression.

When asked of the impact of this event, TACT Board Member Lisa Scheps said,”  “I would encourage Trans Activists all across the country to hold similar events in their jurisdictions. The rank and file of HRC needs to be educated on the issues so they can tell their leadership to shift their thinking””                                                                                                                           TACT believes that educational initiatives such as the one that took place at the AustinHRC Black Tie Event is the best way of positively affecting and educating the LGBT community on issues that, not only affect one subsection of the community, but affect the entire group.

“In doing this we can be visible and aid in the passageof legislation which protect the community as a whole,” says gender activist and TACT member Autumn.