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Dick Cheney Telecom Amnesty Bill Liveblog Day II, Part IV

cheney_dick.jpgFor those watching the CSPAN2 kabuki where Kit Bond questions Saxby Chambliss about the complete perfect awesomeness of the Intelligence Committee FISA bill that would only be tarnished by the consideration of any Democratic amendments (all of which must now require 60 votes), you might find this link helpful.

Durbin wants to know if they are actually saying that all votes in the Senate must now require 60 votes.

Kit Bond says…well yeah, kinda. Because if we don’t, the terrorists win.

DURBIN: I’ve been here for 10 years, and somehow the republic survived without needing 60 votes to pass any amendment. If that’s what you’re suggesting, let’s vote on a rules change. Let’s see if you have the votes to do this, beeatch.

(Note to K.J. Lopez — I think it’s "nutroots," not "nutsroots" — jh)

jayt: "Why is Kit Bond still speaking? Happy Hour started an hour ago."

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