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Dick Cheney Telecom Amnesty Bill Liveblog Day II, Part III

cheney_dick.jpgREID: Hey GOP — agree to some extension, or the burden of the expiration of the PAA this Friday is on your shoulders. The House is not going to be in session after today, so unless we can work something out in the next hour, it’s on you.

MC CONNELL: We’ve known we need to extend this FISA law for six months. Six months. The GOP blocking a vote on any amendment last week with an unprecedented level of stonewalling had nothing to do with it. Our enemies are watching so give us everything we want or we’ll call you soft on terror. You just don’t understand how serious this is.

REID: Yes, we understand. Terror terror terror, booga booga booga. Why can’t we just have an extension?

DURBIN: The President and the GOP have some damn nerve blaming the Democrats for the expiration if they’re the ones blocking an extension.

REID: I don’t know if we can work anything out on these amendments, but we’ve seen this train wreck coming. We’ve been asking for an extension for a long time.

DORGAN: It seems to me it takes two sides to compromise. McConnell says we’re "ready to move forward" — so why did you decide to block everything last week, ‘cos we probably would have been done with all the amendments if we’d been able to consider them?

REID: Russ Feingold hates the PAA but even he thinks it should be extended. Shouldn’t pissing Russ off be enough for the Republicans?

McCONNELL: This is the kind of legislative finger pointing that turns the public off on politics, so stop telling people what we’ve done. The Preznit won’t sign a 30 day extension so its lapse is your fault if you pass one.

Also, how dare the House leave and drop this in our laps like we did to them in August.

This is a "bipartisan" bill, because a Democrat (Jello Jay Rockefeller) gave the GOP and the Preznit everything they want. It’s bipartisanship at its best!

(Note: Congressional Quarterly [sorry no link] is reporting that the House Republicans may be passing a 15 day extension to the PAA — jh)

SNOWE: It’s gonna be tough to pull off my "moderate" act and vote like an extreme corporatist hack at the same time, but let me give it a shot. Maybe if I say "bipartisan" often enough….

I’ll admit that the stronger language in the Judiciary bill regarding exclusivity (FISA being the exclusive means by which the government conducts surveillance — also considered to be a "poison pill" that Bush won’t sign) was actually superior to the Intel bill.

Okay. Now that I’ve established my "moderate" bona fides by expressing admiration for a dead bill that has no chance of passing, lemme tell a few lies about how poor telecoms can’t defend themselves against these lawsuits (is that her nose growing?) You can’t blame them after they were presented with appropriate certification from the government in the wake of 9/11. Never mind that they weren’t presented with that certification, and their cooperation started before 9/11. Details, details.

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