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Will we see more groping at Bush's last State of the Union?

Last year, Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN-6) just about tackled folks to slobber all over Bush at the SOTU:

On the right Bachmann continues her fondling of Dear Leader; fellow winger and Bush rubber-stamper Virginia Foxx(R-NC5) wants a piece of the action.

It’s televised live at 9 PM ET; try checking out a couple of items before suffering through this edition of the SOTU:

From the Center for American Progress: A Look at the Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers Under the Bush Administration. As President Bush’s days of power draw to a close, one thing is clear: We’ve got a lot more problems now than we did seven years ago. Here are 99 of them, everything from less money to more war and a planet in crisis.

From Perrspectives: Surf over to check out 10 Things to Look for in Bush’s State of the Union ’08.

Tonight, President Bush will mercifully deliver his final State of the Union address. According to press secretary Dana Perino, Bush’s speech will “reflect the president’s mindset that he is going to sprint to the finish.” Given former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ similar promise to “spend the next year and a half in a sprint to the finish line” just weeks before his resignation, Perino’s preview may prove a bad omen for the President.

Anticipated to emphasize the slowing economy and the war in Iraq, the goals of the speech are said to be “modest.” The President’s dual needs to begin rewriting his legacy and badger Democrats in an election year suggest the direction and tenor of the SOTU. Still, we face the annual question: what will Bush cover in his address?

From Americans United for Change.

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