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Why Did The FBI Fail To Waterboard Saddam?

Last night on "60 Minutes" the FBI field agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein after his capture revealed that the politically-correct, ACLU-dominated FBI refused to take the necessary measures to protect American lives.

Piro says no coercive interrogation techniques, like sleep deprivation, heat, cold, loud noises, or water boarding were ever used. "It’s against FBI policy, first. And wouldn’t have really benefited us with someone like Saddam," Piro says.

What a scandal. Agent Piro is clearly a weak, cowardly terror-lover, and he and those in the FBI’s leadership responsible for this travesty should be immediately dismissed.

When Saddam was captured in December 2003, the insurgency — an insurgency he personally planned — was destabilizing Iraq and killing Americans. Worse, Iraq’s extensive caches of WMD could not be located and could’ve been passed on to or discovered by terrorists.

Every minute was critical. It was the perfect ticking-time bomb scenario. Saddam was a high value suspect who no doubt was in possession of information that could’ve saved American lives (and the worst mass murderer since Hitler). Yet here’s the FBI, wringing their hands about "policy" and wasting months and months chatting away with this monster. They even gave him cookies on his birthday.

Those true patriots and brave terror warriors at the National Review understand that waterboarding is necessary — even something that Americans should be proud of. It’s just no big deal, akin to a swimming lesson

I look forward to the Republicans in the House and Senate’s call for investigations into this criminal negligence by the FBI.

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