When he was good…

Jacob Weisberg is a nitwit.

Mr. Bush seemed genuinely to want to be the kind of president indicated by that first address. He meant to build a broad coalition on the model of his governorship in Texas, where he worked closely with Democrats in the Legislature, made his chief cause correcting racial disparities in education, and was re-elected in 1998 by an almost 40 percentage point margin, including 27 percent of the black vote and at least a third of Latinos. I always sort of liked that George W. Bush. Whatever happened to him?

I assume that it never occurred to Weisberg that the 73 percent of the black vote and, let’s say, 67 percent of the Hispanic vote figured out George W. Bush and his "chief cause" in a way that surpasseth Jacob Weisberg’s understanding.

This is no more surprising than the fact that the New York Times seems to be giving op-ed space to just about anyone these days.

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