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SOTU Survival Kit!

As we turn on our TVs to watch Dim Son lie to us one last time in prime time from Washington, DC, we could fall back on coping mechanisms like the SOTU Drinking Game. But Brandon English of the DCCC has come up with a liver-friendlier way for us all to cope: The SOTU Survival Kit!

As English explains in a letter sent to the D-Trip’s mailing list:

Think of this as your State of the Union Survival Kit.

After tonight, we will never have to listen to George W. Bush deliver another one of his fact-challenged, language-mangling State of the Union speeches. But we still have to get through this evening — and the DCCC has a couple of tools to help.

First, a dose of reality — something that’s always in short supply when President Bush steps to the podium. We’ve been conducting a Real State of the Union video contest. And we can’t thank you enough for sending over your responses — our celebrity panel of judges is reviewing the videos now so that tomorrow we can release our response, by the people for the people to the Real State of the Union.

But wait, there’s more. We’re also standing by with our real-time Lie Detector. As soon as the words leave his mouth tonight, we’re going to fact check the President and send a text message when he overstates his case or misstates the facts in an effort to rewrite the history of his failed policies. While we focus on a better future, we can’t let him rewrite history.

Sign up now to receive our Lie Detector text messages during the President’s speech.

Tonight is a landmark — one more giant step out of the Bush/Cheney wilderness. Don’t worry, you can get through this. And remember, we’re here to help.

You heard the man. You know what to do.

This is excellent for all you Rapid Responders out there. Keep your e-mail window open so you can compose letters to the editor on the fly. Keep the e-mail fact-checks handy if you choose to do battle on talk radio. Collect them and trade them with your friends!

If the D-Trip did more stuff like this and less stuff like serving as a vehicle for Rahm Emanuel to keep screwing the Democratic base, I could really get to liking them.

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