Late Late Nite FDL: Bush Did Not Make Nice

I was hoping that NSA’s FDL Monitors had forwarded to Bush’s speechwriters this news post which discussed CTV‘s Philip Stavrou’s suggestions for tonight’s speech:

On Monday night, if U.S. President George Bush really wants to make nice with his critics there’s one group he needs to specifically address in his State of the Union speech — the Dixie Chicks.

"If he wants to heal the country’s divisions there doesn’t seem to be any better thing to do than reach out to the Dixie Chicks," Renan Levine, a professor of U.S. politics at the University of Toronto, told

"They are walking, talking, singing personifications of the divisions in the country and, yes, they are all from Texas.

"There needs to be a Bush-Dixie Chicks lovefest."

Bush’s speech tonight reinforced that he is not ready to make nice. Fine. Neither are we.