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Dick Cheney Telecom Amnesty Bill Liveblog Thread #4

Cloture vote fails, 48-45, with Landrieu, Ben Nelson and Mark Pryor voting with the Republicans.

McCONNELL: Urges everyone to vote against 30 day extension. Said they may have to do a "short extension" but the President has said he will veto a 30 day.

REID: House will pass a 30 day extension tomorrow. People crying "wolf" here a bit too often.

(Note — I cannot imagine there will be any Democratic defections on the extension. There probably will not be 6o votes for cloture because the GOP does what George Bush tells them and there would need to be some Republican votes to get there, but with the House passing the 30 day tomorrow if the protections in the PAA lapse on Feb. 1 it would be on the hands of the Republicans. No doubt that’s why McConnell blinked and said he would consider a "short extension." — jh)

Cloture on the 30 day extension fails. The vote was along straight party lines. It was one of the most brazen things the Republicans have ever done in the Senate, refusing to pass an extension of protections they are always telling us are "vital" to American security — for purely political purposes.

Senate is in recess until 8:20 tonight for SOTU. We’ll be liveblogging starting at 8pm ET, so please join us.

Tomorrow, the Senate will take up the subject of the Intelligence Committee version of the FISA bill again. 

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