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My Freya Tattoo Has Been Inked, Filmed


I posted a picture of the tattoo here in this post.


Well, time to dig out the lighter side of life for weekend discussion around the coffee house’s couches. If you’re ordering coffee for me at the counter, I’d love a hammerhead.

Last Monday (January 21, 2008), Hannah inked my tattoo.  It’s big (taking up the right side quarter of my back), it’s incredibly colorful and beautiful. To me, it speaks to powerful womanhood, being a parent, and my personal history.  I want to show Freya off like crazy because she’s just incredible.

But, because had the tattoo of Freya inked on camera for the show LA Ink, I can’t show y’all what it looks like until after my episode airs on The Learning Channel (TLC). * sigh * If I could of had this beautiful  body art done by Hannah without going on TV, I probably would have — then I’d get to show it to you now.  My friends who have seen the tattoo have used the terms “Awesome” and “BadAss” to describe it — to say I’m very, very pleased with the final result is a huge understatement.

While on camera, I plugged transgender people, transgender civil rights, LGBT civil rights, gender identity, and Pam’s House Blend when I was getting inked. How much of what I talked about on camera ends up on the cutting room floor is another thing altogether — but hey, I tried to be the activist.

For the rest of my life, I see this tattoo of Freya as not only a beautiful piece of body artwork that documents some important aspects of my life, but also as a tool to talk to folk about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights issues.

As soon as I have info on the episode air date, I’ll send it out to y’all — and after the episode airs, I’ll post a picture of the tattoo on PHB.



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