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South Carolina. Discuss.

. Watching Samantha Power on TV after a parade of Clinton retreads I’m reminded of one of Obama’s most refreshing qualities — his advisers aren’t all fucking hacks. If there’s a more unpleasant specter looming in a potential Clinton presidency than the return of the the 90s rogue’s gallery, I can’t think of it off the top of my head.

. And on that note I would like to extend my personal thanks to the Obama campaign for getting Carville and Begala off my fucking TV. It shouldn’t have taken them having to repeatedly point out the obvious conflict of interest for it to happen, but it’s a friggin’ mitzvah.

. Jon Chait writes that Bubba’s "affair with Monica Lewinsky jeopardized the whole progressive project for momentary pleasure." I’m awaiting the smug, insufferable essay on how JFK risked the Bay of Pigs ‘cos he couldn’t keep his pants zipped, because I’m pretty sure he’s probably the only other politician who ever had that problem.

. You would think that none of these people had ever been through an election before, with everyone reaching for the oxygen tanks over the "negative campaigning" in South Carolina. Hello, Lee Atwater? Anybody remember him? And Digby is right, all media concern trolls joining with right wing concern trolls about how Big Bad Bill is being mean to poor Barack only serves to infantalize Obama. Clinton has unfairly characterized many of Obama’s positions but Obama has stood up to it well and fired back with gusto. Anyone who truly does care should be cheering him on for proving he is tough enough to take on the Republicans and get off the fainting couch, because most people over the age of 12 who aren’t paid to punditize on teevee know that compared to what’s coming this is pure little league.

. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again — of all the distortions about Obama’s record that the Clintons have engaged in, his record on pro-choice is not one of them. You don’t show your support for a cause by not casting a vote, and if Clinton had failed to cast civil rights votes to give cover to people with lots of bigots in their district her campaign would be over before it started. Planned Parenthood and NARAL proved by endorsing Short Ride Lieberman that their word means nothing and they’ll sell themselves like two dollar whores if they think it’s in their political interest (see most recently Wynn, Al). Clinton and Edwards aren’t exactly profiles in courage on the choice front either so it’s nothing I’m going to hop up and down about, but to criticize Obama for skipping those votes is not a "distortion."

. If one more pundit shakes their head in dismay and says that Obama needs to do well with whites in South Carolina to prove he can appeal to white voters in the general I might scream. It’s like Iowa never happened. I refer them all to Whistling Past Dixie: now more than ever.

. Note to Bob Herbert: anonymous shitty blog comments prove…nothing.

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