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Homosex, Homosex, Homosex

You've GOT to check out an article over at CNN, where readers can “discuss” a Christian author named Donald Miller. His books have been out for some time, but have been gaining popularity with the TRUE Christians I mentioned yesterday on my blog. Miller has distanced himself from the homosex-obsessed and fetus-cuddling kooks, and his books have the nutballs in an uproar – especially the ones who dream all day about gay sex.  And they're currently invading CNN's comments section on this article!

The comments only shows a portion of what each person said, so you have to click “more” to read the entire text. Well, you know when one comment begins as a negative remark – and I thought to myself “you KNOW the kook is going to talk about homosex”…..

Miller, like many pick and choose their own gospel. Miller attacks the conservative element and some of you attack because you're absolutely ignorant of the theology. Miller is a perfect example of a fruad put upon the church as some ''other voice'' by CNN, when in fact, he's a profiteer doing the same as some evangelicals. Jeusu is only myth to the unbeliever. If YOU do not accept the ransome paid, you are on your own. Simply put. Now, some of you think Miller makes sense. No he doesn't. He is attacking the very God he proclaims to believe in. He supports THE ACT of homosexuality, Check with the AMA about FACTS REGARDING THE VIOLENCE THE ACT DOES TOWARDS THE MALE BODY WHEN THE ACT IS EXECUTED. That 's not a person I'm speaking of, but an ACT, that Miller embraces and many of you. There is NO such thing as a homosexual person. He or she simply practice the ACT. There is NO such thing as ''gay'' people. The very reason. Miller has taken upon himself the self-righteous position of authority over Paul, Mathew, John and Peter….and JESUS! Jesus is a myth? When you're dying or someone love is, watch how quick your simple minded foolishness blossums into a NEED for Christ!! So hush mister Miller and join the world of humbleness!. Ummm>….Seems like some of you could and should take that advice.


Wow, even in ALL CAPS, the guy had to inform you about the “violence” of “the act”. The expert knows “there's no gay people, just the act”. I KNOW I've heard this nazi propaganda being BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'ed somewhere before……

Oh THAT'S right – the kooky “christians”. The ones who say part of the “homosexual agenda” is “to talk about homosexuality, as loudly and as often as possible”. If gays WERE recruiting, these nutballs would be our best promoters! If the United States Army could recruit the number of men and women equal to the number of little boys and girls these “christians” indoctrinate and educate about homosexuality and homosex (in all its delicious details), we wouldn't have shit to worry about over in Iraq!

They're also the ones who repeats “homosexuals indoctrinate children”, when we're not the ones running around with fliers, books, cassettes and all their other forms of “christian conversion”, handing them out to everyone. If we WERE to go around indoctrinating people, at least we'd be giving out cooler stuff: Bette Davis DVD's, a copy of Bronski Beat's “The Age Of Consent” (“Retrospective” by Indigo Girls can be substituted for the would-be lesbians), cologne samples, and Godiva.

And what's this “world of humbleness” he's talking about? If it includes homosex-obsessed lunatics like THIS guy, who the hell would want to be over there with him?  Fuck THAT!

And the homosex obsession doesn't end with the first guy…….

Either you trust in God and desire to conform to what God requires as revealed in the Bible, and you are a Christian, or you find that part or all sticks in your craw, and whatever you are you are not a Christian. In the latter case you have invented your own religion and its authority is worth as much as you are, and when you lie rotting in your grave that will be nothing at all. Consequently cherry-picking Christianity is not a viable or valid option. If you won't accept that God condemns all who are in rebellion rebel against Him, and, specifically for this blogg, condemns homosexuality, don't think for a moment that you are a Christian, because you are not and have condemned yourself.

There's that “if you accept a gay person, you're not a Christian” bullying too, which I had also mentioned yesterday, ironically. 

These people REALLY have issues, and the APA needs to identify this kooky sickness where people (mostly men) are addicted to talking about gay sex and extreme hetero/gay fetishes all the time.  I'm about sick of being informed all about leather, bondage, golden showers, and all of this other crazy shit I have no interest in.

“Christian author has problems with conservatives” [CNN]

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