Rock the Vote for Retards

Yo yo yo. Check it out. Jason "Got A Bowl of Soup With This Haircut" Mattera on getting out the ‘yout’ vote for Republicans:

As Jason explains it, young Republicans aren’t turning out in droves because they…

  • Don’t trust government
  • They are more likely to be involved with their church instead of politics
  • Young conservatives (and here struggles his way through "ostensibly") are more likely to join the military instead of a Presidential campaign.


You see Jason could be fighting in the war he supports, but he’s fighting the "culture war" at home which has fewer things that go boom that make you bleed out of your ears and your ass. But then Jason has always had interesting priorities like when he was in college and he thought that race-based scholarships were unfair… not that he didn’t mind, you know, accepting one:

HANNITY: Rhode Island, a beautiful part of the country. I lived up there for a couple of years in my life. All right. Tell us what you’re trying to do here?
Mattera: We’re trying to show the inequality on campus, that just because of someone’s skin color, they’re automatically at a disadvantage and are handicapped. And there’s not scholarships compiled for them just on campus. However, if you’re a minority student or a student of color, as the school references them, there’s a lot of scholarships that are compiled and they help you get them. And we think that’s unfair. If you’re going to have race-based scholarships that’s fine, but let’s be equal. Let’s treat everyone equally.
HANNITY: Right. Yes. You were the recipient yourself, I read, of a $5,000 scholarship that was only open to minorities yourself. Is that true?
MATTERA: I was open to a Hispanic college fund scholarship, yes.
COLMES: As Sean pointed out — and I understand the point you’re making as well. I happen to agree with Sean, it may not be the most effective way to make it. You yourself, as Sean pointed out, received a $5,000 scholarship from the Hispanic College Fund. Isn’t it a little hypocritical now for you to rail against special ethnically oriented college funds when you, yourself were a beneficiary of one?
MATTERA: No, Alan, I think it just strengthens my argument, because I have nothing personally to gain from this. In fact, I have something personally to lose from sponsoring this scholarship. And again, we can transcend race altogether and go right to merit. And that might be the ideal, but that’s not happening on college campuses.
COLMES: Would you want to renounce your scholarship for $5,000? You want to give the money back?
MATTERA: I think that’s missing the points, Alan. Again, I have nothing to personally gain from this. However, if you’re going to give out white — if you’re going to give out race-based scholarships on campus, at Roger Williams University and campuses across the country, we should offer them to everyone. So…
COLMES: Where would you be without that $5,000 scholarship you got, open to Hispanics?
MATTERA: Where would I be? I would be taking a loan for that, but it proves the point. Why am I inherently at an advantage on my college campus just because my parents have Puerto Rican descent in them? I’m inherently at an advantage. Those who have similar grade point averages and similar financial needs are not at that advantage, and that’s wrong, Alan.

Soooooooo… to recap for those playing at home; when Jason Mattera is given an opportunity to fight fore something that he feels is right (the war) he keeps a safe distance. When Jason Mattera is offered something that he thinks is wrong (a race-based scholarship)… he signs up for it.

Kids. They crazy, I tells ya….

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