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Florida Pygmy Debate Thread 2


The candidates get to question each other:

9iu11iani: Hey Mitt, people here in Florida can’t get property insurance. Senator McCain doesn’t support national catastrophic insurance, he thinks they ought to rely on FEMA. McCain thinks…

McCain: Who’s answering this question?

9iu11iani: I don’t really have a question, I just want talk about myself and suck up to Florida voters a bit longer.

McCain then gets 30 seconds to rebut 9iu11iani’s question to Mitt. Hard to tell whether they’re more collectively irrelevant or full of shit.

McCain refers to Lieberman as "one of my favorite Democrats." He’s getting a little old or the botox got injected a bit deep, ‘cos Short Ride’s no Democrat.

Update: Worst. Debate. Ever. They got nothin’.

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Jane Hamsher

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