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FISA Live Debate Thread IV

KENNEDY: Before the Bushies got here, no administration resisted FISA, let alone tried to dismantle it. They’re a bunch of terror mongering bullies.

If the argument for reforming it is that technology is changing so fast, WTF are we waiting to 2013 to sunset the new FISA bill?

Judiciary Committee bill faithful to the original FISA balance. Negotiated in public and later in time, as opposed to the Intelligence Committee bill.

BOND: The Department of Justice, a paragon of integrity, opposes the Judiciary Commitee bill, so that should be the end of that.

L..l..leader McConnell — (man he just can’t get that word "minority" out of his mouth).

Jello Jay and I agree — the telecoms need to be protected from the courts looking too far into how they’re spying because the terrorists will win.

The Judiciary bill assumes that after the next attack Congress will be in a position to act quickly (because the endless War On Terrah presumes that it’s a-comin’.)

(What’s he talking about "throwing out valuable terrorist information?" Do these assholes have some kind of contest going about who can get away with saying the stupidest thing?)

JELLO JAY: This pig’s going down, so when do we vote?

LEAHY: We’re here today because Mike McConnell fucked us.

The Bushies want us to trust them — do we really look that stupid?

(Voting on tabling the Leahy Amendment/SJC version.  Start drinking folks, this one ain’t going our way…)

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