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FISA Debate Live Thread V

Motion to table the Judiciary Committee version of the FISA bill successful. 60-34, with just enough Democrats doing their usual rotation to kill it. Congratulations to Harry Reid on successfully manipulating Senate procedure to tank the bill that would not have included retroactive telecom immunity, which he purports to oppose. Unconvincingily, as it were.

JELLO JAY: Offering up Rockefeller/Bond Amendment. Glenn Greenwald says that these are the official White House approved changes to the original Intel version. I guess there were things about the original bill that "Dick Cheney no likey," according to Glenn. This makes it all better. Or something.

BOND: "I knew just enough about the FISA law to be thoroughly confused about how it would work." That’s a quote.

This bill will probably pass. We’re doomed.

FEINGOLD: Proposes Feingold/Dodd Amendment, which requires that if the FISA court issues an opinion that includes a significant legal interpretation of the FISA law, the government must provide its pleadings to congress. Written because the administration believes it can withhold FISA court interpretations from congress.

BOND: Because Feingold/Dodd would require more paperwork, it deserves to be voted down. Yes, that’s what he is saying. Oh, and the terrorists will win.

Stupid…or craven? The eternal dilemma.

KYL:  Would that include the ability to redact?

FEINGOLD:  Like I just said, the amendment would include the ability to redact. 

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