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FISA Debate In Senate, Part III

ming3.jpgFISA debate continues on the floor of the Senate. Please take the time to make calls or send FAXes to your elected representatives reminding them that their oath of office includes a promise to defend and uphold the Constitution — and that the foundation of American government is the rule of law. You can find contact information here. Will try to liveblog as we go below…

FYI, video of Sen. Feingold’s remarksthis morning  is available here, and his full statement is here


SEN. HATCH:  blah blah blah Be afraid.  Run for the hills and support the Bush Administration or else.  blah blah blah   [CHS notes:  Hatch needs better media coaching — his disgusted sigh in the voice routine is tired and overused.  Just so he knows, it’s transparently coached, a bit hackneyed and utterly unconvicing, and he needs new material.]   Says this will be the first time that a court order will be required to target a US citizen regardless of where they are in the world — doesn’t sound like an expansion to him.  Terrorists shouldn’t receive protections of the 4th amendment.  [CHS notes:  And terrorists who are not US citizens do not get such protection under any version and you know it, Orrin.  Let’s not let logic get in the way of a good conspiracy theory indeed.  And those who are US citizens?  Can be targeted with a warrant at any time — just like any other criminal in the US with any other law enforcement officer investigating any illegal and dangerous activity.  And the Administration still has a 72-hour emergency window to start a tap before they have to finish their paperwork.  Which every president has been able to accomplish from the 1970s forward until now.  Why is the Bush Administration incapable of doing their work in accordance with the law, Orrin?]

Hatch says that he’s not willing to support a bill that placates fringe political groups.  [CHS notes:  yes, like people who want to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution while simultaneously protecting the national security.  You know, Americans who think for themselves.  Oooooh, scary, Sen. Hatch.  By your logic, the Founders were a radical fringe group.  Good to know.]

SEN. SCHUMER:  Rebutting Hatch — says that the rule of law must be upheld, not just a blank check for the executive branch.   Taking a few moments to talk about the economic stimulus package being debated currently in the House.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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