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I Feel Sorry For The Oldschool Republicans

You gotta feel sorry for the oldschool republicans nowadays, because the kooky “christians” have totally ruined their party. The so-called “conservative-christian” movement is slowly but surely going off the deep end, and will soon kook itself into oblivion in the future.

At one time, it was all about fiscal conservatism, and “stay the hell off my property, and let me have my guns”. Now it’s all about “what are you doing in your bedroom?”, and “who are you doing in your bedroom?”.

They should have known better than to turn their party over to a bunch of lunatics whose eyes roll into the back of their heads when they talk about their imaginary friends. And they should have known better than to turn their party over to men who get that psycho look in their eyes when they talk about gay sex endlessly, before pulling over at some random truck stop to be a “lot lizard”, and sucking dick before going home to their wife and kids.

Maybe the whole sex talk thing lured the oldschool conservatives in, beings it’s obvious none of them get any kootchie from those pruney old shrews they’re married to. Whatever it was, it’s their problem, and they have to deal with it.

If I were them, I’d tell those homosex-obsessed and fetus-cuddling kooks to hit the road, start their own nazi party, and stop piggybacking off the republican ticket. Until that day comes, the republican party will continue to be swamped with married “christian” men with these rubbery dick-sucking lips who preach morality, yet get caught with their pants down and some hobo pounding away behind their asses.

Until the true republicans kick the James Dobson’s, Ted Haggard’s, Pat Robertson’s, Jerry Falwell’s, Mark Foley’s, Tony Perkins’s, and Beverly LaHaye’s to the curb, expect more so-called republican men to be caught in their wide stances and destroying the republican party even more than has already been done by these kooks.

At this point, the elephant symbol for the republican party should be replaced with a toilet stall that has holes on both sides for convenient dicksucking – with umbilical cords in place of the PVC pipes, for good measure. Or even better, replace the elephant with the Touched By An Anal cover art, starring republican gay porn actor-wannabe pundit Matt Sanchez.

This is just my 2 cents. You’d think it would be a cold day in hell when I would defend republicans, right? Well, I’m just defending the oldschool republicans, because I am pro-NRA after all.

Oldschool republicans – do yourselves a favor, and kick the kooks to the curb ASAP.

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