That's the title of the breathless post at Huckablogger, an enthusiastic supporter of the rapist/murderer-releasing, Christian Reconstructionist-supported, Man-On-Dog wannabe and former Arkansas governor. Huckablogger is sounding the alarm bell – the GOP is heading down a dark path where ignoring the conservative base will mean a bat to the knees of all Republicans who are trying to protect the sanctity of marriage.

The Marriage Protection Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, championed by President Bush, has not yet met with the congressional approval required for referral to the states for ratification. Will the next president continue to champion this effort? Will he sign commonsense marriage protection bills into law? Will he veto legislation that tampers with marriage? Will he appoint reliable justices to the U.S. Supreme Court? These are important questions, for when it comes to saving marriage in our laws and customs, the president makes a profound difference. And not all presidential candidates are equal.

…All GOP presidential candidates pay some lip service to the need to preserve traditional marriage, but when you look at their actions and their own words, their credibility rings hollow. America needs a president who will fight with every ounce of his being to make sure that narrow special interests don't make a legal mockery of the most precious, God-given institution that holds our society together.

There is a description of how all the GOP clown car occupants fail on one or many counts regarding marriage protection (you know Rudy and Mitt are at the top of that list), then an ode to Huck. More after the jump.ALERT: it appears that the Homosexual Agenda has successfully brought liberal legislators into our hive; to join the already co-opted the activist judges.

[S]tate legislative activity shows a troubling trend in which liberal lawmakers are working vigorously to force same-sex unions on their populations, government, and businesses… As if the legislative tampering weren't enough, activist courts have begun pushing back on state-level marriage protection statutes and amendments, even to the point of forcing states like Massachusetts to enact homosexual marriage.

The case is made why the man who wants to bring the Constitution in line with God's law is the bomb.

Mike Huckabee: A Champion for Marriage

Mike Huckabee has held a biblical view of marriage all of his adult life, and as a former pastor, he worked directly with individuals to grow strong marriages. On his Web site, Huckabee makes this pledge,

“I support and have always supported passage of a federal constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. As President, I will fight for passage of this amendment. My personal belief is that marriage is between one man and one woman, for life.”

Huckabee does more than just talk about these values–he lives them. As Governor of Arkansas, he

One dispirited commenter isn't roused by the pep talk and contributes this woe: 

I wish you could get Sean Hannity to read this. Everyday, I'm more and more turned off by the way he backs Romney (who changes his view on abortion 3 years before the election) and Rudy – who's been married 4 times, and McCain – who's been married 2 times and is a liberal in republican clothing.

Everyone I ask – “who do you like in this election?” – they all come back with the same name – Mike Huckabee.

Wake up Fox – please get off your agenda and return back to “fair and balanced” that's all we've ever wanted. “Fair and balanced” – then let us – America – make the decision.


Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding