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The Round And Round We Go News Round-Up

A Monday tra la through the news spin cycle:

— I’m with Aravosis — some public comment on the Bush Administration’s plan to yank counterterrorism funding from police, fire and rescue departments would be a good thing. 

Howie raises some excellent points on war profiteering and the Bush Administration that are worth asking over and over until there are solid, public answers to them.

— One of my favorites from MLK is Letters from a Birmingham Jail.  Scott Lemieux pulls an excerpt on adherence to rule of law and fairness in a great discussion of 1950s mindsets versus what we see today.  Well worth a read.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Dem voter registration numbers are outpacing those from the GOP by a 3 to 1 margin.  And that disgust with the Bush Administration and a stagnant Republican party that still kowtows to his failures is a big part of that, along with resurgent interest in progressive Democratic party values.  Boo yah!

— Speaking of The Sun, David Simon of The Wire had an op-ed on the state of journalism in the WaPo, detailing his experiences as a prior long-time reporter for The Sun.   The NYTimes follows up with a more in-depth discussion.  When you read it in context with so much of what Nieman Watchdog, CJR and Jay Rosen have been writing about for some time, the picture looks bleak for so much of the superficial, ratings-driven, tabloid drivel.  And yet, there are still some reporters out there slogging through the morass and doing their jobs very well.   Why do some break through and others never seem to rise above the dreck?

—  Mean Jean Schmidt:  wouldn’t know honest history if it bit her on her bony ass. 

— Via Mahablog, I find two good reads:  Andrew Bacevich and Jonathon Steele.  Discuss.

Without fantasy home equity, how can we all go shopping to finance The Decider’s rose-colored glasses fund?

— Wouldn’t it be nice to get all of the Sibel Edmonds information on the table, be able to sift through what is and is not substantiated on all sides of the questions being raised by lots of anonymous sources these days (understandably anonymous due to national security considerations being raised, but it makes it tough to verify or chase down doesn’t it?), and get to the heart of all the implications thereon?  I’m just saying…because rumor and innuendo is not nearly enough for allegations with these potentially serious implications if the rumor mill can be backed up with solid evidence and lots of corroborating witnesses and information.  And we all deserve to know the truth, whichever way it takes us.  The whole truth.  But the innuendo without adequate oversight being done to find out the truth limbo?  Not nearly good enough.

Emptywheel updates the Plame e-mail timeline.  Excellent read…and one whose blanks I would LOVE to get answers for in the days ahead.

— Finally, this is a sort of political meta question from Kevin Drum, but what informs your politics?  Is it your moral issues that decide your political leanings?

What is catching your eye on the blogs or in the news today?

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