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H.S. principal apologizes for appearance of homobigot Ken 'Microsoft's worst nightmare' Hutcherson

Somehow the principal of Mount Si High School, Randy Taylor, failed to see the plethora of stories in Seattle papers featuring anti-gay blowhard Rev. Ken Hutcherson. He made the unfortunate decision to invite Hutch to deliver a message about the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King. What an emissary of tolerance!

Taylor, btw, couldn’t even muster the courage to use the word “gay” in reference to the flap. (Seattle PI):

Mount Si principal Randy Taylor welcomed the Rev. Ken Hutcherson to speak Thursday about his personal experience of growing up with racism and how the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave him inspiration.

But the choice to invite Hutcherson didn’t sit well with at least one teacher. Mount Si teacher Kit McCormick — who questioned how Hutcherson can support human rights if he doesn’t support gay rights — told KING/5 she believes that Hutcherson is not about equality for everyone, rather equality for some people.

In a letter sent Friday to Mount Si parents and guardians, Taylor said “the administration at Mount Si apologizes for how these events have unfolded and the impact on our students.”

…In his letter, Taylor didn’t use the word “gay” and said only that at the end of the assembly a staff member questioned Hutcherson’s views “on a separate issue.” He also acknowledged another staff member who booed when Hutcherson was introduced.

As we know all-too-well, the good pastor is on a mission to destroy Microsoft for extending equal benefits to LGBT employees, as well as a strong anti-discrimination policy. This put a burr under the saddle of Hutcherson, who showed up at a MS shareholder meeting to declare that he and his fundie flock were going to engage in a fool’s mission buy up enough shares of the company to take it over and bring it back in line with “God’s law.” [I can’t wait to see whether adulterers will be stoned under Ken’s rule of the Redmond, WA software giant.]

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