Sunday Five Brothers Blogging

Something tells us we’re into something good

I can’t really say that the Romney boys are really on top of things, campaign-wise.

Dad Mitt revitalizes his moribund campaign in both Michigan and Nevada and the latest post is from the day before Michigan.

I realize that it’s hard out there for a Romney, and the Angel Moroni knows that these people are breeding machines, but if the prophecy as foretold in the Book of Enos is to come true (where the Jaredites, Mulekites, Lamanites, and Nephites achieve Operating Thetan Level V) then they need to dismount the Romneyettes and instead climb back on the campaign bandwagon.

I mean, this is serious. $17 million serious and the meter is still running.

And DadMitt doesn’t have time when Matt Romney calls him at Moe’s Tavern and asks to speak to Hugh Jass.

Sure it’s not as hilarious as strapping a dog to the top of the car and driving at high speeds until he shits all over the back window… but, in a YouTube world, what is?

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