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Panderella: Queen of America

If we mock Romney as he chases around the country telling people everything they want to hear (no matter how it contradicts what he said yesterday), we should also do the same when the promises from Clinton sound too good to be true.

The woman with the momentum is pulling out all the stops to attract support.  Look out Obama!!  Clinton was on Tyra last week and she is giving away the store (see below).

According to AMERICAblog, here is a partial transcript of the chat between Hillary and Tyra:

BANKS: (Reading a question ) “I am a lesbian and my partner of 20 years is sick. She can’t afford her medical expenses and because we are not legally married, my policy won’t cover her. How can you help us?”

HRC: I believe that if you are in a committed relationship, you ought to be able to have your benefits go to that person, or to anyone else. Suppose you are living with your brother and you want him to have your benefits. He wants you to have your benefits. Suppose you are taking care of and living with your mother. If you are in a committed relationship, no matter what that relationship is.

BANKS: Woman, woman, man, man, it doesn’t matter.

HRC: That’s right. I believe the benefits are yours and you ought to be able to give them and pass them on to whomever you choose. Also, as we begin to see different states making these decisions, civil unions, domestic partners and, marriage, the federal government ought to make all of the benefits through Social Security and other programs available to any legally recognized relationship and I intend to do that.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I have a really hard time believing this or simply accepting it at face value.

If Tyra knew anything (and there is no reason to think she must know more than what 80% of the US population does) she would have followed up her question to Clinton with other questions I’d love to hear her (and Obama) answer:

Since over 40 states have legislated against same sex marriage – nearly 30 of those states have doubled their discrimination by amending constitutions AND nearly 20 of those states have extreme restrictions against the recognition of ANY same sex relationship – how would she enact federal recognition through insurance coverage and/or Social Security benefits?

Would any federal plan be able to override the fact that there are legal accommodations for same sex families in only 10 states?

How will her plan benefit the same sex families that live in Virginia and Ohio? Does she have a problem with those states severely limiting the citizenship of same sex couples?

How are you going to top this Obama?  Come on…sell me the Brooklyn bridge and I’ll vote for you.