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HRC power broker and the massachusetts connection

Gentle Gender peeps(people) and the monsters of the dark

By Kelli Busey

Jan 19 2008


You know who you are. You are the HRC member who wispered confessions of gender variance into my ear at a black tie event least your contemporaries should hear.

You are the Doctor, truck driver, student, pilot and perhaps a bloger or two.

Some are peering from behind a wall of discrimination. Aware that any sudden movements would attract vicious predators.

Afraid becuse the conscripts the politicans have enabled to the point of violence by voicing to the public, bigoted and fear inspiring pronouncments such as the infamous speech by the openly gay Massachessetts Congressman Barney Frank in 1999 in which he announced “transgendered people want a law that mandates a person with a penis be allowed to shower with woman.”

DAHIR, MUBARAK. (1999, May 25). WHOSE MOVEMENT IS IT? The Free Library. (1999). Retrieved January 19, 2008 from…

Mr Frank has built a career catering to the odd bedfellows of Log Cabin democrates and homophobic hate mongers who together shout in glee as each time Barney Frank leads gender variant people to the top of the mountain of ENDA success only to be shoved from behind to the abass below.

Could it be that Mr. Frank’s satement in 1999 was at least in part to divert attention from a recently exposed long term alleged prostitution addiction as profiled in;

A Skelton in Barney Franks closet

Sept 25, 1989

Marggret Carlson

Time magazine…

Mr. Frank has built a career bullying the helpless of the world and in turn bolstering and validating the causes for which he is interested in.

The National outcry of outrage produced by the latest ENDA dabacle has sent Barney Frank and his coconspiraor and social power base HRC into full damage control mode.

The acknowledgement by HRC and Mr. Franks blatant transgressions are being maifested by HRC’s $ 25,000.00 dollar grant to Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition(MTPC)’s first newly installed paid chair person Gunner(apt name) Scott, who by self proclamation is at once the originator of all things gender and the under dog at large.

Massachesetts Congressman Barney Frank has since sent his political machinery in motion and his political minons falling over themselfs proclaiming “gender varience for all and all a good night”.

What makes this all the more insidious is the subtle ways HRC and Barney Frank are attempting to vilify and isolate the purely gender varient from their just causes.

However we are viligent and unafraid.

We will identify and cull from the herd the charlatans, Arnolds and Stantons.

You have been identified Gunner Scott.

This fact has not been lost on the local chapter of the American Transgender Veterans Association(TAVA) which has withdrawn from the MTPC coalition to protest the HRC grant but has made it known that it remains steadfast in support of the Massachesetts gender inclusive admendments to a sex only 1989 law. Trial by fireby Ethan Jacobsstaff reporterWednesday Jan 16, 2008

This brings to question, is there anyway to successfully intergrate the gender variant?

The answer is a resounding YES!

In Vermont. The next door neighbor to Massachessetts. And its as simple as” can’t we all just get along”.

In the Blueprint for change by Ethan Jacobs staff reporterWednesday Jan 16, 2008 appearing in the BayWindow;…

“If you make sure that transgender people are in every facet of your organization, if you make sure they’re in the leadership of your organization, you’re providing constant exposure to politicians. … Here transgender people are front and center in the fight for marriage equality,” said Goldstein. “The politicians here see transgender people year round at the table.”

“It was absolutely critical to passing this legislation that legislators and the governor got to meet with transgender Vermonters, and that had not happened before, where that level of transgender people were visible and vocal and telling their stories about why this legislation was important,” said DeLeonardis.


This is the answer. We must not wait for permission to live. We must be involved in our larger community. I would like to introduce Transgender Advocates of Central Texas(TACT)

This fine group of Gender Varient people and our supporters are conducting among other efforts a Independent Educational Initiative at the 2008 Austin HRC gala. http://planetransgender.blogsp…

TACT board member, Lisa Scheps said, “We feel the leadership of HRC not only hurt the transgender community, but also any person that doesn’t conform to gender norms. This includes feminine men and masculine women – many of whom are HRC members. Under the ENDA that passed in The House of Representatives these people would have no protections. And, let’s face it, when a person is discriminated against it is usually because of how they present themselves and not because of who they sleep with.”

The answer to Barney Frank and HRC national steering committee lays right in our laps.

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