It’s funny.  It’s really sad at the same time, but it’s really funny.  The fine folks at Fallacy Findings are sure to pick up on this one, so tune in for Jane Know’s version of the WTF?  

Via Opine:

The article’s author is David French, a soldier in America’s Army Reserve fighting in Iraq, as well as a soldier in the war to protect traditional marriage!

Alliance Defense Fund is on the forefront of the battle against same-sex “marriage”.

I found the specter of a man who spends half his time fighting America’s enemies within & the other half fighting Americas enemies abroad to be truly inspirational

Naturally, at the Opine Echo Chamber, it took all of 10 minutes for some jerkoff to tell us that queer folks are actually the terrorists.  

Fascinating the way the tiny mind can transpose good and evil.  We’re well aware of the take that some fundamentalist Muslims have on sexuality and gender and have dually noted that it only differs in degrees from the “values” that the Opiners expound.  Yet somehow, the desire to categorize “the enemy” into some homogeneous group places the moderate and reasonable American left (and, let’s be honest – conservatives like myself who couldn’t care any less about Christian values) as best friends with the ultra-right of the Islamic world.  


bears no resemblance to this:

But it sure looks a lot like this:

dan l

dan l


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