“She drove me into the arms of another Imam…”

“Good morning, Mr. S. Looks like you could use a cupcake!”

It seems that, once upon a time, terrorist-loving Republican Rep. Mark D. Siljander employed one Debbie Schlussel, whom you may remember as "I Can Get It For You Wholesale" Ann Coulter. Gasps Debbie:

In general, nothing shocks me about Islamic terrorists and which American politicians are aiding and abetting him.

But today, I am truly shocked beyond belief as I read that my former boss, former U.S. Congressman Mark D. Siljander, was indicted in an apparent scheme to help an Islamic charity fund Al-Qaeda and the Taliban against Americans, to the tune of $130,000:


Mark Siljander, who represented a Congressional district in Western Michigan, is the last guy I’d think would do this. I hope the allegations are not true, but it sounds like he is involved in a very bad scheme to help fund Islamic terrorists and their schemes to murder Americans. It’s so shocking. What happened to my former boss in the years since he was the most pro-Israel, the most anti-Islamist Congressman on Capitol Hill?

I don’t know. But here’s why I’m so shocked. When I worked for Mark Siljander, in the summer after my junior year of high school, and again when I was headed to college, I was just 16, but more than an intern. I wrote speeches for him, I helped tutor him in Hebrew, which he learned to speak and write, and I accompanied him to many events.

Yes. I can’t imagine what could have come over him considering that Debbie Schlussel was once his intern.

Tracy Flick: When I think back on my relationship with Mr. Novotny, what I miss most… is our talks.

Yes. The talks…

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