Via — yes, Hotair — last night was a childish pigpile on the part of GOP:

I’m told that the Romney campaign and the McCain campaign spoke tonight to arrange a time for McCain to give his concession and to allow Mitt Romney his opportunity to give the victory speech. I am told by a source sympathetic to McCain that after making the arrangement, Romney went ahead and spoke at the same time McCain was giving his, bumping him off the airwaves.

Then McCain cut off Huckabee — class acts all around.

Speaking of St. John the Divine — did anybody catch Lieberman standing dutifully at his side looking like the doting little woman? The only one who looked more ridiculous was the inappropriately grinning Lindsey Graham. I guess nobody told him McCain just had his ass kicked.

Lieberman made robocalls to Democrats, imploring them to cross over and vote for McCain. (Very active Michigan Democrat Marcy Wheeler got 5 of them — the notion that Democrats were not targeted, as the McCain campaign contends, is pure horseshit).

At least Holy Joe had the good sense to look gastrically pained at McCain’s demise.

And with good reason. I don’t really know where Lieberman goes from here if McCain is gone as a political lifeline. He loses any value he has to the Democrats in the senate if they pick up any seats, and by stabbing the presidentials he marginalizes himself on that front too.

BTW, looks like CFL platform is alive and well in California…really sharp political instincts, that one.

Wonder if the Clintons are sorry now they didn’t put him out of our misery when they had the chance? Really is a delightful irony that he is now campaigning against them.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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