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While Bush is rattling the sabre


Joining along with the old white men who won’t just drop their pants brigade to combine the fraudulence of the "Gulf of Tonkin" and the bad taste of "The Jerky Boys" into yet another chance to bomb another country. Let us remember what they are really trying to do. The usual claim trap of old men sending young men (and now young women) to die for their failures and their dreams. The vanity of the old, exploiting the valiant young.

While some forget, the old soldiers of our past never did, twenty years after he commanded them to invade northern France, Dwight Eisenhower sat overlooking their graves and remembered what it was about:

“. . . My own son has been very fortunate. He has had a very full life since then. He is a father of four lovely children. Very, very precious to my wife and me.

But these young boys, so many of them, over whose graves we have been treading, looking at, wondering, contemplating about their sacrifices. They were cut off in their prime. They have families that grieve for them.

But they never knew the weighty experiences of going through life like my son… I devoutly hope that we will never again have to see such scenes as these. I think and hope, pray, that the humanity will learn more than we have up until that time.. . . I devoutly hope that we will never again have to see such scenes as these. I think and hope, and pray, that humanity will have learned. . . we must find some way . . . to gain an eternal peace for this world.

But not the modern Republicans, Bush and the new generation of old men — there can never be enough blood spilt, they have no interest in "finding some way" as Eisenhower did, even with a list of mistakes of his own.

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Oops, sorry, that's the biography of Verne Gagne with a touch of Mustafa Kemal.

I'm just an average moron who in reality is a practicing civil rights and employment attorney in fly-over country .