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Robert Johnson, Idiot Billionaire

Robert Johnson, the founder of BET and Clinton-backer who compared Barack Obama to Sidney Poitier and sarcastically referred to what Obama was "doing in the neighborhood — it’s in his book" even though he meant Obama’s community organizing (yeah. right.) appears not to have gotten the TRUCE memo supposedly distributed Monday to Clinton surrogates and staff.

"We’ve always said we need a perfect, well-spoken, Harvard-educated black candidate who would prove we’ve transcended race," the billionaire African American businessman and supporter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) said in an interview yesterday. "Well, now we’ve got him and nobody knows how to campaign against him."

While this may be a bad thing for Hillary Clinton and her billionaire backers, I’m not sure how it’s bad for Democrats. But Billionaire Bob explains:

"The Obama campaign — win, lose or draw — is going to have to address race," Johnson said. "If we don’t have this debate about race within the Democratic Party . . . we could find ourselves with a division in this party as we go up against whoever the Republicans put up."

So — you and your billionaire buds are gonna vote GOP if the Democrats don’t nominate Hillary? Is that what you mean, Bob?

Oh, wait, there’s something farther along that makes Billionaire Bob’s shrill surrogacy clear:

Johnson and his wife, Sheila, became billionaires when they sold BET to Viacom in 2000 for $3 billion. The couple later divorced. Sheila Crump Johnson, now president of the Washington Mystics WNBA team, is backing Obama.

Got it.

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Teddy Partridge