Kathryn Jean Lopez was born a poor black child in the south


Mike Huckabee Really Is a Piece of Work [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

From Michigan:

"For those of us for whom summer is not a verb, for those of us who didn’t go to fancy boarding schools on the east coast, for those of us who didn’t grow up with a silver spoon, who were lucky to have a spoon — ask those folks and they’ll tell you the economy is not doing well for them," says Huckabee.

Governor, I didn’t have silver spoons or boarding schools or a verb summer, but I know enough to thank God for the job creators, the natural economic stimulators, capitalism. Is this the Republican primary of a John Edwards rally?

K-Lo bio:

Kathryn Jean Lopez, (born March 22, probably 1976), a native of Manhattan, is an American conservative columnist, who is nationally syndicated by the United Feature Syndicate/Newspaper Enterprise Association.


Lopez grew up in the Chelsea section of lower Manhattan,[3] and graduated from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., where she studied philosophy and politics. Before joining National Review in New York, she worked at the Heritage Foundation on Capitol Hill. Besides National Review and NRO, her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The Women’s Quarterly, The National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, American Outlook, New York Press, and The Human Life Review, among other publications.

In her case, by job creators, she means non-profit and non-profitable wingnut welfare operations that employ her to lobby for the rich and chastise the poor for being a bunch of whiners.

Meanwhile the economy is just fucking great and I can’t wait to join the Lucky Duckies class.

(Added) Dr Sanity is just sick and tired of all these people who won’t let the free market sort these things out.

Where is the candidate who will proudly stand up for the free market? Who will say that too much government is the problem and that the solution is to do away with government regulation that is stifling economic freedom in Michigan and elsewhere?

Which is just adorable coming from someone who has been sucking at the government tit for her entire career. It’s not that these people have no mirrors, it’s that they have no reflection…

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