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AFA's Tim Wildmon: TV promotes the homo world view

Is it time to bring out the tiny violin? The American Family Association “news” organ, OneNewsNow, features a “ex-gay”-affirming editorial by columnist Ed Vitagliano. It contains the usual drivel about Exodus and alleged studies that “prove” one can change sexual orientation, but the interesting portion of the piece is the unhinged commentary by the AFA’s Tim Wildmon, who seems convinced that the Homosexual Agenda is bombarding our culture with so much pro-gay television programming that it must be only a matter of time before everyone is assimilated.

Wildmon said the role of television in changing the public’s views should also be recognized. “The pro-homosexual sympathies of the entertainment industry have been well-documented,” he said, “and I think the efforts of gay activists to force the acceptance of homosexuality through TV programming has been extremely successful.

“As a result, a steady diet of pro-gay messages has helped change America’s views about the nature of homosexuality. I don’t see how that could possibly be disputed,” he said.

A recent study conducted by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), a gay-rights group, seemed to bear that out. The study found that the five major broadcast networks as well as the cable networks had planned to have a total of 77 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) characters on TV during the 2007-2008 seasons. That number is up from 56 last year.

Although GLAAD president Neil G. Giuliano decried the number of GLBT characters as insufficient to suit his organization’s goals, the GLAAD report admitted that the sympathetic inclusion of homosexual characters on television could be instrumental in changing how U.S. culture viewed homosexuality. “We know that seeing multi-dimensional LGBT people on television changes public perceptions …. The power of the broadcast medium to shape culture and collective consciousness is indisputable,” the report said.

This is more than a boast by a well-paid homosexual activist. Studies by researchers at the University of Minnesota and released in 2005 “found that exposure to positive portrayals of gay characters on television and in film can reduce levels of prejudice among viewers,” according to a university press release.

With a pro-gay worldview rampant on television and virtually etched in stone at mental health organizations, it will be difficult for the truth — as discovered by researchers like Jones and Yarhouse — to penetrate the fog of misinformation.

“But we’ve got to keep at it,” Wildmon said. “Even though lies often get a huge head start, ultimately we have to believe that the truth will be victorious.”

Too late, Tim. We already have control of HGTV, Bravo and Showtime, so good “Christians” may have to block those channels to avoid losing one’s soul to the gay Borg.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding