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Clinton’s Voter Disenfranchisement Scheme in Nevada

Remember when Hillary recently decried that the Iowa caucus system disenfranchised voters because they’re all held at the same time and whatnot? I agree that caucuses are, by their nature, designed to have a low turnout, leaving a higher concentration of devoted party insiders to decide the path of the state party. I really don’t like the idea of caucuses, either…

Well, this year in Nevada we got a chance to move our caucuses up earlier, becoming the first western state to participate in the primary process. So the state party set out to do whatever they could to increase participation by rank and file party members. As part of this, they put the caucuses on a Saturday morning and, to accommodate the high concentration of unionized party members in Las Vegas who work in the massive hotels and casinos, they established nine “At-Large” caucus sites right on the Vegas strip so that people working at the time of the caucuses could participate. They made arrangements with management and the unions for the workers to be able to take the time and participate in the democratic process without having to go all the way to their home precincts and participate there. And everybody involved thought it was a great idea. Even all of the candidates.

Now this: See this story…

Since Hillary didn’t win the coveted Culinary Workers Union endorsement in Nevada, she’s working through the Teachers Union as a surrogate to have the at-large caucus sites on the Las Vegas strip, which were designed for these 24/7 employees to be able to participate, shut down so they can’t.

The lawsuit is bullshit and it will hopefully be tossed because the identified victims (janitors opening up schools for use as caucus sites) are free to participate in the caucus being held at that school as long as it is too far away from their designated caucus site (near their homes) to get there on time. Basically, in the Nevada Dem caucuses, if you show up at the wrong site, you will not be turned away as long as you’re in the right county.

She really does play by the Rove playbook, doesn’t she? She’s determined to win, regardless of how many bridges she has to burn getting there.

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