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Bangs Head Against Wall…How Stupid Can They Be…

061128_clinton_obama_hmed5phmedium.thumbnail.jpgI don’t really care if this is intentional or just the byproduct of having irresponsible surrogates, but both the Clinton and the Obama campaigns need to knock it off.

Yesterday Obama’s national co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr. said African Americans in South Carolina should worry because Hillary cried about her appearance but didn’t cry over Hurricane Katrina. Then Michael Eric Dyson went on Hardball and said Hillary was speaking in racist code when she she said she was the best person to be President following her verklempt moment.

Now Andrew Cuomo, scumbag machine politician par excellence, refers to Obama’s "shuck and jive" performance at a press conference. This on the heels of the Bob Kerrey "secular medrassa" nonsense and Bill Shaheen’s suggestion that Obama was a drug dealer.

I’m not buying the "these people don’t speak for me" argument. Both campaigns are outrageously controlling when it comes to who is allowed to speak on their behalf.

There’s a historic moment going on — the two front runner candidates for the Democratic nomination, the people most likely to be President of the United States, are an African American man and a woman. And at the end of the nomination process, we’re all going to have to come together no matter who the winner is or we’ll be looking at a President who wants to continue George Bush’s immoral war.

If either campaign thinks that winning the nomination is worth tearing the party apart by igniting America’s sexist and racist strains to their own benefit, it’s stupid and shortsighted. Just because the Republicans will go there in the general is not a reason to start now.

We’ve had seven years of being ruled by this kind of lizard brain crap. It’s time to take responsibility, have a larger vision than just your own political aggrandizement and be accountable to the country and the future.

Update: Digby says it better.

Update II: Pam Spaulding has more.

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Jane Hamsher

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