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The McCain-Is-Unstoppable Narrative Is Officially Out Of Control


Has there been a candidate in US presidential primary history that has done less and gotten more fluffing by the chattering class?

Let’s recap what St. McCain has done thus far this primary season:

  • Lost all his money and fired most of his staff
  • Finished 4th in Iowa
  • Failed to finish in the top 3 in Wyoming
  • Won the same state he carried in 2000, before getting his ass handed to him by a guy who ultimately lost the popular vote

McCain has $30M on hand — just one third of the total cash on hand held by Wyoming Willard and Rudy, who’s officially Mike Huckabee’s bitch a non-factor at this point in the race and is now running 4th in Florida.

Even more telling, last night McCain received 24,000 fewer votes than Hillary. Let that sink in for a minute. 24,000. He also lost by 16,000 to Obama.

So what does Andrew Sullivan have to say about all of this?

If it’s McCain versus Clinton this fall, he’ll be very hard to beat.

Sullivan’s CDS has gotten the best of him. Any of the top 3 Democrats would smack McCain around like the old news that he is. He’s still considered a RINO by the wingnuts, he’s 71, and he’s Bush’s errand boy.

Enough already.

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