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Teary-Eyed Politicans Are Emotionally Unfit To Lead A Nation At War

In these dangerous times, can we really afford to have someone who’s not fully in control of their emotions leading the nation?


Republican Mitt Romney got emotional at a New Hampshire campaign stop Monday, a day after the former Massachusetts governor choked up on NBC’s Meet the Press…"I put my hand on my heart, and tears begin to well in your eyes, as you can imagine in a circumstance like that."…Romney’s emotional display comes just one day after an appearance on "Meet the Press," during which the presidential hopeful was again visibly misty while discussing the 1978 decision of the Mormon Church to extend blacks full rights. In the interview, Romney said, "I pulled over and literally wept, even to this day it’s emotional."

“It’s hard to listen to that song ["I’ll Be Home For Christmas"] on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and not get teary-eyed,Mr. Giuliani told a crowd of some 200 jammed into the Bean Towne Coffee House.

Giuliani’s emotional, misty-eyed public appearances in the days after the terrorist attacks softened his brusque image as New York mayor and helped him build needed political capital…

John Boehner (R-OH), standing by off Johnson’s right shoulder, began to shed tears. A moment later he took the microphone and — referring to Johnson’s remarks while speaking about the "solemn" nature of the debate this week — got misty all over again.

“Members on both sides of the aisle feel differently about our mission in Iraq and our chances of success there,” Boehner said, pausing to compose himself. As he continued, Boehner began to weep openly, crying out: “After 3,000 of our fellow citizens died at the hands of these terrorists, when are we going to stand up and take them on? When are we going to defeat them?”

Speaking after the Senate vote, an emotional Sen. Trent Lott praised Southwick, a fellow Mississippian.

"This is emotional for me because this is a good man, he’ll make a great judge," the Republican senator said. "On behalf of my state — which I feel has been maligned, in this and other instances — we appreciate it." Lott later told CNN’s Ted Barrett and Dana Bash why he got emotional over this particular judicial nomination. "I just get emotional when I start talking about what it means to our state," he said. "Some of the statements out there really were just bashing our state. That really hurts. Hurts my feelings, hurts my state."

President Bush had tears in his eyes on Saturday when he spoke the words that became the headline ”The Columbia is lost” and vowed to the nation that America’s journey into space would go on.

Bush’s eyes will often well up. Sometimes with tears of pride, like when he talks about the life story of Al Gonzales, his White House counsel and an immigrant’s son. The president is tremendously sentimental. Forget about putting his parents anywhere near him. At his inauguration he purposely kept them out of his line of sight so he could stay as dry-eyed as possible.

Former President George H.W. Bush came here Monday to talk about leadership and opened his remarks with advice on working with rivals, being patient and building personal relationships. He then broke down in tears mentioning his son, Gov. Jeb Bush, as an example of leadership and the way he handled losing the 1994 governor’s race to popular incumbent Democrat Lawton Chiles.

With a handful of protesters noisily celebrating his departure on the sidewalks outside, Alberto Gonzales was praised by no fewer than 10 Justice lieutenants and agency heads — some with their voices cracking. Gonzales himself at one point wiped tears from his eyes and praised the Justice Department as "a place of inspiration" in his farewell speech.

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