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Red State Threatens Liberal PayPal Donors

2003446992077099769_rs-1.thumbnail.jpgYesterday Daily Kos readers decided to make fun of Red State’s "Vast Left Wing Conspiracy" fundraising pitch by calling for PayPal donations of 1 cent. The logic was that PayPal charges a minimum of .30 for a transaction, so Red State would be paying .29 cents per donation.

Which is ridiculous. I don’t approve of screwing with someone’s fundraising like that, but that’s beside the point — PayPal doesn’t charge you more than the amount of the transaction.

So Erick Erickson of Red State should’ve just left it there, but he couldn’t, and instead decided to retaliate by issuing threats regarding the personal information of PayPal donors:

But, we do get their name, credit card billing address, and email address. Those are actually valuable pieces of information.

Coming from someone else, it might sound quite idle. But RedState bloggers have a history of outing the identity of anonymous online folks, and abusing that information would be a violation of PayPal’s terms of service.

RedState’s fundraising drive is anemic. I guess their readers aren’t so dumb they bought the line about "evil liberal Scoop developers," or they think RedState’s owners Eagle Publishing — with $8.3 million in sales in 2006 — ought to be picking up the tab for that kind of basic site maintenance.

Eagle Publishing isn’t a public company and since they own Regnery they probably won’t care, and anyway that kind of rat fuckery is right up their alley. (Swift Boaters, anyone?)

Online integrity, indeed. 

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Jane Hamsher

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