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Doesn’t Anyone Cut Class At Dartmouth?

From the Politico:

The Obamentum is a little hard to assess this morning. Obama held a 9 a.m. event open only to students at Dartmouth College. The audience was capped at 700 students and remarkably (for Obama) the gym is not full.  There are at least several hundred students here, which would be impressive for any normal candidate (Giuliani, for example, only speaks to crowds of about 100 here), especially given how much college kids hate to get up early. And of course, some might be in class. But the atmosphere is noticeably sedate for an Obama event. Students are filing out to go to class in mid-speech.  

From the WaPost:

About thirty minutes into Bill Clinton’s nearly two-hour stop here at Dartmouth College, a steady stream of students started walking out of the venue.

I realize Dartmouth is a pretty conservative campus, but c’mon — history is being made here. You know, actual history. Not the stuff you get in class.

Shrugging off a potential future President and a former President? Guess there’s a Big Green squash match today or something.

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