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Good luck Senators Edwards, Obama, and Clinton

Like most sane people, I’m not all that excited about the New Hampshire primary (Digression : When I was twenty-one I dated a girl from New Hampshire. She called it ‘Cow Hampshire’. I’m sure I asked her why but I don’t know if I actually listened to her answer because I was probably only pretending to be interested in what she had to say in the hope of eventually getting her nak–… Well. You you don’t really want to hear about all of that, fine upstanding painfully earnest recycling fair trade coffee progressive that you are.)

So, anyway here are a few things that aren’t deserving of a post of their own but I needed to empty out the junk drawer, clean out the closet, scrape the lint trap, and set fire to the garage. Hey, you clean out your garage your way…


  • Roger Clemens is a dick. I never much cared for him and it wasn’t just because he played for the Yankees, which is reason enough. I disliked him well before that. His story has more holes in it than Mike Cameron’s strike zone and only a complete ass would tape a conversation that involved his accusers sick son and then play it a press conference. Total dick move.
  • Bill O’Reilly tries to talk to Barrack Obama and makes a fool out of himself. Bill-O has been around long enough to know that the easiest way to get candidates attention would have been to yell, " Motherfucker, I want an interview!".
  • Sorry. Nobody cared. I didn’t hear one person today even mention that this game was on TV tonight. Not one. Without a playoff series the BCS is a bigger joke than the Heisman, but still not as big a joke as the VH-1 Rock Honors or the Human Events Man of the Year.
  • Maybe I’m just being shallow, but I’m just not sure anyone should have to take Michael O’Hanlon seriously until he learns how to comb his fucking hair.
  • Congratulations to Burger King for their Whopper Freakout commercials which may also serve as public service spots raising everyones self esteem by portraying Whopper aficionados as the kind of people who make eugenics if not desirable , at least worth looking into. No wonder the Islamofalafelists think we’re ripe for the picking.
  • Because of the writers strike there will be no Golden Globes show this Sunday. While the Oscars are often referred to as the Gay Super Bowl, the Golden Globes tends to be more along the lines of the Gay Second Game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Nonetheless, we shall all miss the globes.
  • Lastly, we are making some format changes to the TBogg 2.0 (you’re soaking in it). Now the top three posts will be shown in their entirety because, Jeebus knows, how much you people hate making that extra click. If you start getting all chubby-handed from lack of exercise, don’t come whining to me. And would it kill you to lay off the Whoppers?
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