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Is Hillary feeling the heat? And responding in a Rovian way?

from Daily Kos:

Might we face an attack from the “Axis of Evil” during the upcoming transition of Presidents?  Yes, but today is not Sept. 11, 2001, when a chimp was in charge.  He barely batted an eyelash when an aide told him the twin towers had been hit.

Hillary is getting antsy…so she goes on the attack.  In a very Rove-like way.  Incite fear.

Facing the prospect of defeat in tomorrow’s primary, Hillary Clinton just made her strongest suggestion yet that the next president may face a terrorist attack – and that she would be the best person to handle it.

She pointed out that the day after Gordon Brown took office as the British prime minister, there was a failed attempt at a double bombing in London and Glasgow.

“I don’t think it was by accident that Al Qaeda decided to test the new prime minister,” she said. “They watch our elections as closely as we do, maybe more closely than some of our fellows citizens do…. Let’s not forget you’re hiring a president not just to do what a candidate says during the election, you want a president to be there when the chips are down.”

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