Matt Stoller and Echidne are right. Male candidates can cry and it shows their humanity; Hillary Clinton cries and she’s weak and hysterical. And why shouldn’t she be emotional at this point? Her male fellow candidates don’t have to put up with leering, chortling, oily creeps like Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough laughing at them and disrespecting them when they’re trying to run a fucking political campaign.

She is not your private bawdy joke, lads.

Oh and John Edwards? Please stop being a patronizing, sexist jerk.

And I’m sorry. Planned Parenthood and NARAL lost the right to put the "pro-choice stamp of approval" on anything when they sent out those mailers telling their members to thank Joe Lieberman for his vote to put Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court. To grant them that authority is positively ahistoric.

There is definitely a double standard going on here. If Hillary Clinton tried that old "the dog ate my Senate schedule" excuse for missing Kyl-Lieberman (when there was evidence to the contrary), there would be spew alerts everywhere.

You may disagree with her on substance. She may not be your candidate of choice. But for chrissakes, treat the woman with respect.

Update: Amanda Marcotte pulls her support from John Edwards and switches it to Obama over Edwards’ remarks. (h/t rc)

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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