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Mark Penn: Wrong Again

So Mark Penn writes a post on Saturday saying that the polling out of New Hampshire indicates Obama didn’t get the double digit bounce that Kerry did off of Iowa in 2004.

Now I’m not a pollster but I know that a poll that appears on Saturday is probably not going to factor in the full impact of the Iowa race. And in fact it didn’t. The latest USAT/Gallup has Obama up by 13 points, and the latest CNN/WMUR has him up by 10 points.

Positive spin is one thing, but if he’s no better pollster than that, I can well imagine that big donors to the Clinton campaign are shaken up. Is that what his own internal polling was telling him? Was he bullshitting the Clintons the same way he was bullshitting the public?

The Clinton campaign needs to retool and they need to do it quickly. Dumping Penn would eject an enormous negative from her campaign. Penn is a notorious union buster who had the amorality and piss-poor judgment to go to work for Blackwater in the midst of her campaign, fer chrissakes. Did he tell her to vote for Kyl-Lieberman too? "No big deal?"

Loyalty is one thing, but heads need to roll.

Did they not see this train coming?

(h/t Kagro)

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Jane Hamsher

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