All Jesus deliveries to the back door please…

Over at The Corner they are indulging in some soul searching (as of this writing, no soul has yet been located) over what it means to their party when when the snake-handling yokels that they have been stringing along for all of these years, finally show up and the front door and want to marry their sister.


Unfortunately for Huckabee, just like his BFF Jesus, the greater mob of the era doesn’t cotton to pretend messiahs, and (according to an email to Rich Lowry) they’re making plans for Huck:

Rich — Huckabee took 14% of the vote and came in fourth in the Iowa caucus among non-evangelicals according to the NBC Republican exit poll [other polls come out about the same]. Huckabee’s principal voting block was female born-again Christian Republicans living in non-urban rural areas with a population below 10,000. I dearly love such people, but demographically in the country at large there aren’t that many of them.

When Huckabee moves out of caucus Iowa and into primary state America, he’s going to get killed.

Of course, they’re not really going to kill Huck, they’re merely speaking "figuratively", as Mitt Romney puts it when he’s caught lying. But their discomfort with "such people" whom they "dearly love" is most amusing, and more so when viewed next to the ad (illustrated above) that has been running non-stop at The Corner promoting a book that explains why the Democratic Party is dying:

Why the Democrats are Blue argues that secular, educated elites, using a commission created at the 1968 convention in Chicago and later chaired by Senator George McGovern, took the Democratic Party away from working class and religious Democrats. This quiet revolution helps explain why six of the last nine Democratic presidential candidates have lost.

So, really, Why The Democrats Are Blue is more of a play book for Republicans than a history. Duly noted.

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